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Perform at your highest level from practice to game day

  • Develop elite confidence
  • Enhance your game-day mental preparation
  • Make high-level decisions on the fly
  • Increase your reaction time
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Cognitive Training
Cognitive Training

Reaction Speed

Vision Quality

Hand-Eye Coordination

Cognitive training is intensive and tailored to how your brain works best. Unmatched results giving you the ability to see your sport in slow-motion.

Mental Performance Training
Mental Performance Training

Clear Mental Focus

Supercharged Confidence

Champion Mindset

You'll undergo a deep process to understand why you experience the mental obstacles blocking you from what you want.

Then we'll help you put those insights into immediate action to increase your performance on and off the field.

You'll go from performing-at-less-than-your-best to becoming Exceptional.

Strength & Conditioning
Strength & Conditioning




We train you to move with increased speed and power in your sport.

Programming is designed to meet your specific needs to handle the physical demands that come with your sport.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I'm not an athlete?

You don’t need to be an athlete.

We train people involved in a variety of professions:

such as students, executives, and musicians.

The common thread among everyone we work with is that they're looking to sharpen their mental performance.

But I'm not "struggling". Is this still for me?

This is a good question because it implies that if you are calm and confident, you don’t need mental skills coaching.

This is common looking at it from the outside.

But what’s important is that even the most calm and confident athletes face obstacles where they will be knocked off their game.

So we work with you to check on what’s going on in your head and see how you can get better.

This is the same approach you take when practicing for your sport.

Only this time it’s for your mental performance and health. 

Can I do this with my team?

Yes. We offer Mental Performance training for both individuals and teams.

How old do I need to be?

We work with people of all ages and experience levels.

What if I don't think I'm an elite athlete?

Becoming elite in your sport starts in your head.

We work with athletes at all levels to help them achieve an elite mentality.

About EME

Kyle Parks, Founder

Kyle is a former baseball player who founded EME while getting his degree in Psychology.

Over the past 5 years, he became a sponge—experimenting and creating solutions to the challenges he faced as an athlete, but also the hardships he saw within his teammates and clients.

"I want my athletes to realize the only barriers stopping them from achieving their goals are the ones they put before themselves."

Backed by an advisory board of experienced athletes & professionals

Amanda Karas

EME, Head of Sport Psychology

Jaquan Johnson

Professional Football Player—Buffalo Bills

Freddy Azucey

Former Professional Tennis player ; Owner—Extreme Tennis Academy

Quin Taylor

CEO of Boundless Ventures

Daniel Alejandro Obando

Police Officer—Miami Shores

Freidman Sifontes

Co-Owner of Miami Volleyball Academy ; Head Coach of Tru North Academy

Garnell Pelecanos

CEO—Aspen Adventure Resorts ; Bahama Beach Adventures

Pedro Penate

Co-Director of Miami Volleyball Academy ; Head Coach—Columbus Boys Volleyball & Our Lady of Lourdes Volleyball

Ksenija Madzarevic

Sales Design Consultant—SCAN DESIGN

Trey Rittenhouse

Information Systems Security Officer—US Coast Guard

Charles Bell

Master Resilience Trainer—Performance Expert

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